the little lady & like to go mtn bike riding as often as possible. this summer we’ve been riding at smithville trails. good stuff a few weeks ago this caught my eye.

ya gotta love sunflower season!
this week we went to smithville again.

on the back side of my mushroom was a good lookin slug.

so yeah for sundays. good ridin.

big grin….joel


the super team at the dk 200 headquarters has come up with a new route. they were kind enough to share a little with michelle & i this sunday. so the weather in the midwest has been crapful lately . yesterday it was 70s & sunny. so today it had to be 50 with a super cold north wind( suck). we had the day to ride so no mater the weather it was ride time. tim & kristi are great company so off we went. the new route midpoint is in———– ,we started there.
in a town along the way was this little cute house.

Joel 541

with this detail , sweet!

Joel 540


Joel 549

michelle coming up a steep climb. the cold killed us. we just were not ready for this in may.

Joel 554

kristi said there were alot of graveyards along the route. this is the second in 7 miles. this route might be even harder than the last one.

Joel 556

the cold & our legs shortened our ride but we were super lucky to see some of this new route.

Joel 538

gummy spiders from the genius of dennis grelk. thanks buddy these are good riding food.

Joel 557

tim & kristi ,2 of the super group known as dirty kanza productions!
this is a hill that goes for 4 ish miles after a checkpoint. some poor people are going to hurt. this stretch of b road is so beautiful.

i’m going for more soon. i hope to see you all in emporia.

big grin….joel

so bikes are a passion of mine. this last weekend was nahbs 2011 in austin tx. basically a geekfest that showcased the best handmade bikes in the world. so michelle, tylor, jessica,vince, & i headed down there. we got out of town as a snow ice storm hit. perfect timing for us.
so austin to the best of my senses doesn’t suck. we found great little italian place for dinner the first night off 6th & i don’t know downtown. great veggie lasagna! get to bed for the big show day. yahooeee!
so first thing i see marty of geek house! he rocks love his bikes & he’s great to talk to.
Joel loves him some Geekhouse
this is michelle’s photo. i didn’t try to match the bike. we just go together!
michelle fell in lust with this little beauty .
Joel 384
i don’t blame her. i might even wear a dress for that bike.the dudes from vulture were verry cool. the show was a mix of salesmen that i tried to avoid( not very successfully)
& builders. it is so nice to talk to people who are craftsmen . they have a definite passion for what they do. being able to pick their minds about tubing gauges & tubing bending, etc… rocks!
Joel 353
one of marty’s creations .on my top ten list.
Joel 276
hank of bicycle fabrications was in my ubi class. he makes sweet dirtjump downhill & all other kinds of bikes. we talked for 20 minutes until i recognized him.cool guy. i love his bikes the urban freeride & dirtjump bikes are a great addition to all the usual stuff.
Joel 173
demon is a builder that brought just this one frame from england. cool stuff! love it.
Joel 155
cherubim is out of this world. he makes beautiful bikes, really art!
Joel 301
these people have the most exciting thing i saw other that a frame. a spoke cutting machine! a better design than the phil machine. so simple so easy to use . & really sweet people!
Joel 250
cool ass paint job & bad ass bike!
Joel 209
i’m pretty sure michelle is going to want one of these for her dirty kanza bike.oh well off a welding i go!
Joel 110
ANDY FEAKIN HAMPSTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok i’m a dork, he’s only the greatest american climber of all time the only american to win the giro!love him. did i say i’m a dork.
Joel 364
bvm sighting in austin !
Joel 302
dr jackson slept in the closet of our motel room ,good folk . he met up with us in austin . he can trick the heck out of a fixed gear!
Joel 234
jess looking guilty.

so every day was a rolling deja vu fest. we got a guided tour to the best vegan vietnamese food in austin by asking a cyclist where to eat. just riding along we found this.
Joel 308
a sweet fixed gear shop where the alley cat saturday night started.
Joel 307
the crew about to roll.fixed gear was the way to roll in austin!
Joel 371
mr perry from kc showing his dentures!
Joel 408
a sweet bike at the start of the alley cat saturday night. he was a x courier who apprenticed under yamagucci really cool dude & sweet ass bike! mavic track trispokes no foolin there!
Joel 425
tylor after getting 7ht in the alley cat . rocking the fixie. the dude who won was 2 minutes ahead on a geared bike.
Joel 422
the party after was a good until the beer ran out & the band left. so we split & had vegan freeto pie at …….
Joel 432
a airstream trailer.

so we went , we saw, we plundered, we road, we did qi gong at midnight, we showed off our super white legs in feburary. we enjoyed the heck out of austin. we left before the authority’s were alerted.

dream beautiful dreams

big grin….joel


today the neighborhood transvestite acted like i wasn’t there. so i happened to see a bed frame & a old hoover vacuum in the trash down the street . being the resourceful guy i am i figure take the bed frame for welding projects & see if the hoover works. if it doesn’t fix it if the parts don’t run too much. then i have a second vacuum. sweet!
i walk down the block & hike back up the block carrying the booty.
when down the street the justina ( really justin) my alteration of his , her name. i get confused! drives up upon me. i have to walk in the street because we got a foot of snow & nobody other than me & 1 neighbor shoveled our sidewalks. i being the friendly guy i am wave
& say hi. she is stopped in the street waiting for me to pass & acts like i don’t exist. or maybe the trash collecting neighbor is not to be provoked. who knows what he might do.
it says something when a neighbor won’t acknowledge you. mabey i need to do some things really offputting . i’m thinking a cannon on my front porch . just firing off a bang every so often. not cannonball shots, just a good wake you up BOOM! just to keep them on their toes.
well i have some good steel & the hoover works!

dream beautiful dreams…

big grin….joel

this has been coming for a long time. i’ve been welding since forever.a few years ago i got the time to go to frame school at united bicycle institute in ashland, oregon. since i spent my teenage years in corvallis .
the first garage bike shop i had at age 12!
32 years later.
this photo was taken 2 years ago. so it is much more finished now. i need to take some recent pics inside & out. it still needs work but not much.
this fall i decided to get moving on the grincycles project for real. no other major things taking focus off the frame shop .
so sadly dirty kanza had to go. jim c. & the emporia crew, tim, christi. eric , etc… have things well in hand. somewhere i remembered a saying. you can really be good at one thing.
or really bad at alot of things.
Joel 069
cross fork crown fluxed & ready for silver.
Joel 066
dropout ready for the torch.

so here we go!

dream beautiful dreams.

big grin….joel

this is the event!

the super team is a secret. a hand picked super team has been assembled. curbdestroyer called me & put this idea in my brain. then it took off. we are even calling some super talent from out of town. we are entering our super secret training mode. some of us have shaved our legs, i’m still waiting.
let’s hope it doesn’t snow this year. but crusty has a great event in the offing here . we are going to represent!

big grin…joel

no pictures

my old camera died & for my birthday michelle got me a sweet new camera. but in the few months i didn’t have a camera. i got out of the habit of carrying a camera on rides.
so wednesday night we closed shop early. i headed out for a levee ride. when i got down to the river there was a thin low fog. the day had warmed up to a unseasonaly warm 60ish degrees. so the low areas were full of water vapor. as i rode the sun started to go low & set. i rode towards the northwest & the sunset turned to fire . a coral red in west with a low fog . i didn’t have a camera & this was one of the most beautiful moments on a bike ever. well i have it in my memories. next time i will have the camera. what a great ride.

dream beautiful dreams

big grin…joel