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so kansas city kansas decided to do a real bike lane commuting corridor for bikes on the merriam lane / south west blvb route from joco th downtown kansas city mo. they are doing real bike lanes correct design & all. so i’m riding home a few nights ago & what do i see running for 2 blocks .</p
this piece of stupidity. the parking width is not enough for cars doors to open with a bike passing by.also it runs for 2 blocks. then sends you into a pinch point under a bridge with sharrows to hopefully make cars not run you over.

oh i forgot to tell you this piece of beauty is in kansas city mo. well known for being bike friendly and using our tax dollars in well thought out way.
sharrows! really sharrows. they are like fuzzy pussycats . cute, but useless when being run over by a lincoln town car. i have been hit by one! i love the bike lanes i’ve ridden in other towns but wow. 2 blocks & then good luck sucker. that’s a bad way to get the beginner to commute.

this weekend fast eddie is putting on the no gas nationals! love it.
so a welding i went & this little beauty appeared out of the haze.

a late model magna with the much sought after trispoke wheels. all metal & bikes were found by the roadside or given to me. the foot rests were bed frame no money was spent to make this.! love it.

come out saturday & have fun with us!

big grin…joel


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