so kansas city kansas decided to do a real bike lane commuting corridor for bikes on the merriam lane / south west blvb route from joco th downtown kansas city mo. they are doing real bike lanes correct design & all. so i’m riding home a few nights ago & what do i see running for 2 blocks .</p
this piece of stupidity. the parking width is not enough for cars doors to open with a bike passing by.also it runs for 2 blocks. then sends you into a pinch point under a bridge with sharrows to hopefully make cars not run you over.

oh i forgot to tell you this piece of beauty is in kansas city mo. well known for being bike friendly and using our tax dollars in well thought out way.
sharrows! really sharrows. they are like fuzzy pussycats . cute, but useless when being run over by a lincoln town car. i have been hit by one! i love the bike lanes i’ve ridden in other towns but wow. 2 blocks & then good luck sucker. that’s a bad way to get the beginner to commute.

this weekend fast eddie is putting on the no gas nationals! love it.
so a welding i went & this little beauty appeared out of the haze.

a late model magna with the much sought after trispoke wheels. all metal & bikes were found by the roadside or given to me. the foot rests were bed frame no money was spent to make this.! love it.

come out saturday & have fun with us!

big grin…joel


alberto contidor great bicycle racer , probably the best stage racer since lance armstrong. so he is finally found guilty. the Spanish sports authority found him innocent 1 year ago so he could race last year. so he has 2 grand tour victorys taken from him & 2 years lost. the big question seems is he really guilty or innocent & the unfairness of this late court decision.
mabey the question should be why do we pin our hopes our egos on sports people . we have huge interest in distractions from sports & celebrity personality’s. so why???? i don’t get it. a good friend of mine said “the downfall of humanity is sports”. i don’t think it’s that bad but it is disturbing.yes i follow cycling & a few other sports in a minor way as escapism. but i have friends & acquaintances i find way more interesting than any sport celebrity.
the people i know & my adventures are what i take real interest in. these things i take seriously.think of the people that you know & their trials , your adventures. then remember alberto is just a man making bad decisions . he is no more interesting than the guy i just met who sold his car & only rides a bike everywhere.finding out alberto is guilty shouldn’t worry you any more than the info that the great eddy merckx was found guilty of taking drugs in the early 60’s. or that i might have had a few too many beers a few weeks ago.

big grin….joel



well the word says it all.so do you actually believe & do the things you profess to do? wow!
so when i looked at the rapha site tonight it hit me….poseurs!!! this guy fit the profile . now don’t get me wrong i don’t care how you get to cycling. just that you do it & have fun!
poseur holy crud a itialian middle aged hipster, damn skippy! i guess being a old school punk rocker it was an imperative to walk your talk! to do anything else was basically lying to yourself & others.
so what do you do??? what do you really do? well don’t worry how you look. just have fun & do it lots.
Joel 545
possibly a poseur, but really good lookin.

big grin….joel


Picture 229

this is a nickle chinese oriental rug from the 1920s .
i found it in a thrift store for 20$. cleaned & fixed it’s worth 15 to 20 times that. but more importantly, it’s beautiful .

Picture 231

this is my stabilization stitch repair to salvage the ends from unraveling . fun for a evening fixing rugs.
most importantly michelle likes it so all the better.

big grin….joel

Picture 057
aaron & tim in the muddy mess before picture.
Picture 065
this is all the rock used to make this.love this missouri red granite. sexy rock!
Picture 084
we got the pleasure of laying all this beautiful rock in the ground. these rocks were the sides set in about 4to 6 inches under ground . hard work the trenching.
Picture 092
lotsa playing with rock. this was the easy part playing where does the 4inch rock go.
Picture 103
the rock with the road barrier cloth around it.
Picture 127
joel doing the spreading of the 3/4 minus. way funner than the digging & laying of the big rocks.
Picture 139
aaron & tim enjoying 3 days of labor. we layed 20 some tonnes of rock in a 150 foot section in 3 days. this was a muddy bog in a valley on the ozark trail now with diversions of the runnoff & this work this trail will be great year
Picture 153
the rest of the work was filling root ball holes with rocks & dirt. with needed deberming on the karkaghne section of the ozark trail. it was hit 2 years ago with a straight line wind storm that knocked over all the large trees on the hill tops.man it was dry down there we got 80 degree days in late october.
Picture 152
this is for my wife .she loves bracket fungus.
Picture 205
this was my favorite fungus of the trip. like a little ice cream cone.sweet!
we got to work outdoors in a beautiful part of missouri.good times with good people.

dream beautiful dreams.

big grin….joel

trans iowa!

well this has been a sucker that i’ve bitten into before but come away with a unfinished taste. year one was hard a 20plus mile per hour cold headwind never over the low 40s. i had to bail at mile 180ish.
year 2 was worse it was the last of the route across iowa. i miss that!too hard to put on a race like that! we started in a light mist & mid 40s after 2 day of rain softening the gravel.in the first 30 miles we had at least 4 miles of hiking!
this is nate king rocking a rugsnake on his surley. little known fact he was still riding at 6 pm when we picked him up he had gone 120ish miles . was off course but still trying to go across the state.
i’m the tall guy in the red jacket. i gotta say i don’t remember this. i was so cold & the weather sucked so hard.i really don’t remember the 5 or 6 hours of riding i did.
i stole these photos from jeff kerkove’s flickr page, thanks. these are the only pics of nate & i on trans iowa 2. the second photo was about 20ish miles in after a long hike.i was getting hypothermic somehow i got to a caseys off course at about 60 miles. i couldn’t stop shivering for 2 hours. had to be picked up from across the state then got nate .
i signed up for trans iowa 6. watched the rain come in then pulled the plug for my attempt that year. so now i’m hungry. let’s see what the weather gods have in store for us. i’m going rain or shine, to do my best.

dream beautiful dreams

big grin….joel


chicago+ michelle + joel = fun for us!

Picture 003

the obligatory chicago skyline photo. well… we have things the davis dyke household likes to do. like ride bikes (duh) , visit museums , experience cultural interests. explore & see the wonderful wide world we live in.
Picture 008
the field museum. we saved this for the one rainy day we had in chicago . wow there are alot of dead animals in there!!!!
Picture 007
michelle taking a shade break outside the field. the middle of october & high 70s in chicago, sweet.
Picture 040
LUCY, FREAKIN LUCY!!!! do you get what i mean? LUCY!
you grow up hearing of our oldest ancestor . then your wife is standing next to her. , cool!
Picture 039
we were having a quiet moment of marital bliss then AAARRRRGGG! T-REX!!! ok we weren’t too scared.
Picture 023
this was in the art institute museum a cool talented bamboo basket maker from japan. wow.
Picture 030
van gogh ,wow a whole wall of his paintings.
Picture 033
more art than you can shake a stick at. you turn a corner & another piece of art you remember from the art history books. very nice!
Picture 009
the art institute & some building across the street. we exited the museum at the end of the day to a riot squad & the chicago police getting ready to get rid of the occupy wall street people . so we beat tracks the other way!

we got to see the world premier of the best ballet company in north america the joffrey ballet in louis sullivans theater. one of americas most important architectural buildings. we got to sit in the front 2nd side balcony for 35$ holy sh!t. super cool.
Picture 035
for 6 days we saw the city by bicycle . enjoyed the wonderful museums, the joffrey ballet. world class architecture ,, good food. good times .

dream beautiful dreams

big grin….joel